“People are always bringing awareness to things. That's what celebrities DO.”

Spoiled Child 2013 Fringe Festival Poster

Spoiled Child Saves the Polar Bears is a new Canadian myth for the 21st century. A cautionary tale that satirizes celebrity culture, the social media revolution, armchair activists, and humanity in general, this one-woman show takes the real issue of climate change to bizarre and fantastical proportions.

When c-list celebrity Spoiled Child needs a career boost, she turns to her social media following to recommend a popular cause that she can bring awareness to. Cynically latching onto the issue of global warming, the faded star embarks on a fantastical journey from Toronto, Ontario to Churchill, Manitoba to Eureka, Nunavut. A chance encounter with Margaret Atwood and a run-in with a tight-lipped scientist lead her to the startling realization that she might actually care about something after all and resolves in a bizarre twist-ending.

Spoiled Child Saves the Polar Bears is about feeling helpless in the face of a crisis or disaster, and the importance of making a difference, even if you feel it's not enough.

Spoiled Child Saves the Polar Bears

Written and Performed by Katherine Sanders

Directed by Alice Nelson
Sound Design by Adam Reich
Music Direction by Natasha Finlay
Stage Manager (Winnipeg) Sylvia Fisher
Stage Manager (Vancouver) Bruce Horak
Poster Design by Kurt Firla
Website & Graphic Design by Brad Fox

Thanks to Megan Fraser, Tara Travis and (of course) Mom & Dad